Performance Program

The Performance Program evaluates your current position and progress since the last meeting. The status of accomplishment for the goals that you set in the Goals and Achievement Program will be monitored and documented as you move through action items and checkpoints.

You'll identify exactly what you've accomplished, and how successfully you've executed the plans that you laid out for that six month period. This process encompasses analysis of motivation, follow-through, and problem solving. Additionally, your Advisor's effectiveness will also be evaluated, to see where you might need more assistance, such as more effective use of service programs.

We will help you with your continuous efforts to improve. By taking a periodic objective look at your progress, you'll better understand how setting goals and working towards achievement positively affects your overall well-being. You'll see your progress, both personally and financially. You'll feel how rewarding it is to improve, and be motivated to continue your quest towards ultimate personal success.