Consumer Program

This program is designed to help you take a financially responsible approach to the purchase of expensive consumer items such as cars, houses, remodeling projects, education, etc. We'll help you evaluate and balance your current and future consumer wants and needs, and determine appropriate costs for them that fit within your means.

Once you understand your true needs and what they truly cost, you can easily replace impulse spending with planned purchasing. This allows you to experience guilt-free spending. It also allows you to purchase the highest quality products before you need them, giving you the time to search for the most competitive price and the proper items.

You'll learn a variety of strategies that support healthy consumer spending. One of our methods is the development of replacement schedules for big ticket items. Another is the use of a reserve system for consumer purchases. This enables you to accumulate money for planned purchases in an account that grows, instead of using consumer credit accounts which cost you non-deductible interest.