Career Program

Our Career Program helps you look at your career in a new way. We'll address not only the financial success aspects of your career, but also the important non-financial components of your current position. These include continued learning, challenges, and social aspects of your work. These rewards are as important as the monetary earnings you receive. We'll help you maximize your compensation in both areas.

We begin by performing an objective review of your current situation, which allows you to establish goals and objectives consistent with your abilities and desires. Even if you're happy in your profession, we can provide direction to help you redefine and reinvigorate your career path. You'll discover immediate and long-range opportunities to increase your skills and command better compensation. If you want to move ahead, we'll help you focus on the steps necessary to make that happen.

Whether you're looking to advance in your current career or change your career path, we'll provide services to assist you in times of transition. We'll review your resume, interviewing technique and help you negotiate salary, benefits, and equity offers.

If you own your business we will help you strategize what you want to do with your business, what you want to get out of owning it, and what its ultimate impact will be on you financially.

We can help you plan your company's growth. Through our Financial Planning programs we can review your employee benefit plans, pension, profit sharing and deferred compensation programs. Our assistance with growth management includes strategizing anticipated management changes, possible future business sale or inter-generational transitions, and business continuation plans. We can also provide assistance in all areas of business management through our extensive referral network. This includes operations, finance, accounting, tax, marketing, and business development.