Tax Planning Program

Our Tax Planning Program is an integral part of your overall investment strategy. We understand the positive impact that such planning can have on long-term wealth accumulation. We proactively utilize legitimate tax reduction planning to pay your fair share, and nothing more.

After analyzing your overall tax profile we will develop and implement a strategy to seek maximum tax reduction through the use of proven methods. We will examine your marginal and effective tax rates and the current and projected future composition of your portfolio's tax posture (taxable vs. tax deferred vs. tax free) to re-design your tax picture. This will include projections for not only now, but also into and during the retirement phase of your life.

Our advisors are CPAs (Certified Public Accountants), ChFCs (Chartered Financial Consultants) or CFPs (Certified Financial Planners). We will provide you with professional guidance based on years of experience. Once we've mapped out your tax strategy we can help coordinate the preparation of your tax return through our referral network, if you wish, and act as the liaison between your tax planning and preparation.