Retirement Program

Our Retirement Program will help you define and achieve both financial freedom and time freedom. The possession of both of these will allow you to design what you want to do during this fabulous period of life. We will discuss your current and future expectations regarding work, family and personal activities. You will choose the balance between perhaps part time fulfilling "work", play and contributions to others, if that is your desire.

We will help you estimate how much is "enough" for your anticipated lifestyle and when financial independence can reasonably occur. If you are already financially independent you will know by how much. We will work hard to help you keep and enhance what you have already achieved. This flexible program adjusts to the realities of life and factors in the various phases of retirement. Our calculations will consider a broad range of variables, including fluctuations in the investment markets, cost of living adjustments, inflation, taxation, withdrawal rates and the amounts to help make it last. You will be in control of your financial destiny, confident in the vision of your future and the opportunity to live comfortably within your means.