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The first step in recommending investments is to conduct a thorough review of your entire financial situation, experience, expertise, risk tolerance and time horizon. This allows us to present you with the proper alternatives that are appropriate for you after careful review of your goals, existing investments and asset classification and historical performance. Some of the key areas we review are real estate holdings, pension plans, insurance policies, fringe benefit programs, investments, mortgages, contracts and tax returns. Deficiencies, inefficiencies or imbalances will be identified and the appropriate recommendations will be made. The insurance and investment reviews are provided through Cambridge Investment Research, Inc. These services are provided through Gregory Parrott, CPA, ChFC, Steven Fain, CPA, ChFC, Daniel Heck, CPA, ChFC, Brandon Erickson, CPA, ChFC, CFP, Alex Sheppard, CFP and David Pederson, CPA, PFS as independent licensed agents (or by referral to licensed agents) see Important Legal Information.

Before making recommendations we will analyze the current and future effects of each potential transaction. This will determine how well they relate to your other existing investments and diversification of such, taxes, insurance, liquidity requirements, specific goals and overall objectives. Among many other factors, our extensive analysis also includes a review of costs & expenses, volatility, historical performance, longevity, tax characteristics and efficiency. Proper diversification is maintained through periodic dynamic rebalancing. You know however that investing involves market risk, including a possible loss of principal. The use of diversification and asset allocation as part of an overall investment strategy, although prudent, does not assure a profit or protect against a loss in a declining market.

A broad range of financial products and services are provided through the advisers by the following financial institutions and companies. The advisers of Financial Reserve Investors, Inc. maintain their affiliations with, receive service fees and/or commissions from, and are held accountable to, the financial institutions and organizations for the financial services and products the client uses. A statement of earnings containing all service fees and/or commissions earned by the adviser as a result of the client's transactions or use of financial services can be provided to the client.

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Should you need specialized assistance we have an extensive group of professional liaisons who we can refer you to. This includes attorneys (as needed), accountants, bankers, business specialists, psychologists, specialized securities brokers, insurance agents, and real estate agents. Information can also be provided as to public or private agencies which may be helpful in specific situations.

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